Summer Light

I know we're well into fall by now, but that film hasn't been developed yet. And once upon a time we drove a couple hundred miles to the lighthouse at the very tip of Long Island, stopping in Amagansett to visit the famous Jack's coffee. I got a Teddy Boy, because the name reminded me of my dad, and also because it was both highly caffeinated and full of cream. It gave me a tummy ache but it was worth it. Then Mr. Penson and I found ourselves driving along this road at the end of the world, knowing full well the beach was just beyond it, seeing it for short stretches before the road dipped back down below the dunes. We couldn't find a parking lot, everything was private, and for a few minutes we felt utterly shut out of the paradise that we'd set out to find. We briefly considered parking illegally and throwing ourselves over a couple fences just to bask in that immaculate sunshine for a few short minutes. Finally, after rounding another curve, we saw a small, hand painted sign that said "Free Parking" with an arrow. We quickly found a spot and also found the Montauk Italian Ice truck, which is by far the best Italian ice on the island. I don't even like Italian ice. Filipp got two of them. Later, we drove out to the lighthouse and made little circles of snails on rocks in the water. When we got back to town, we were the last customer's at Pete's Lobster Shack, and slurped down lobster rolls and corn on the cob in the coming dark.