New Year's Eve Wedding at Liberty Warehouse

New Year's Eve is always stressful. Plans never work out. Parties aren't that fun. People flake. But still- the promise of an epic night on the town to ring in a new year remains a strong pull for most of us excitement-loving New Yorkers. I have to say though, I didn't hesitate in jumping at the chance to cover Sara + Jim's classically wonderful New Year's Eve nuptials. Alright everything was mostly at night, which is tricky for us photographers. I managed to fanangle a first look before the sun went down and I think we were much better for it. The Liberty Warehouse is a cool venue in desperate need of a more flattering lighting design - I had to use my flash for the whole ceremony! But luckily this night was all about the dancing and its dance floor was illuminated by dozens of magical edison bulbs- see below for the evidence. 

Special thanks to the amazing Carey MacArthur for backing me up.