Rainy Day NYC Elopement

As photographers, a lot of our lives are dictated by the weather. Any day, there are a zillion forces beyond our control that dictate whether or not our day will go...smoothly. Anthony and Sanna were married on one of those torrential-downpour kind of days where all you want to do is curl up under a blanket and read a cozy book made for that kind of weather. But you know what? Everything went fine. It was even fine that Sanna was a tad bit late and thought I was some kind of crazy paparazzi when she first got to the Marriage Bureau- look at that hurried starlet look we got! Amazing! And, despite the inclement weather, sharing an umbrella is always romantic. 

Amanda's Baby Shower at Haven's Kitchen NYC

It IS possible to have a fun and totally chic baby shower, as evidenced by the lovely mom-to-be Amanda (now proud momma) and her amazing event at Haven's Kitchen in Manhattan. Haven's Kitchen is one of those magical, all-in-one event spaces that has small, beautiful weddings, farm-to-table food, special events and cooking classes. For this event however, they kept it simple and clean- a ladies' brunch, complete with a DIY bellini bar, passed hors d'oeuvres of tiny pancakes, caviar and soup shots as well as a candy bar and cupcakes for guests to take home. 

Jo + Dave at The Players Club NYC

The Players Club is a sweet, historical venue right on Gramercy Park. It was founded by a 19th-century Shakespearean actor named Edwin Booth...also the younger brother of the guy who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. This place served as a clubhouse for society people and the great "players" of the time. They seem to have "lost" the key to the park over the years-- as tends to happen with valuable New York City property like a key to the secret garden of Manhattan-- but no matter. The sidewalk outside did just fine for these two. Veterans of the show biz industry- Jo and Dave appreciated the walls that were lined with painted portraits of famous actors- even making sure we got a portrait of the two of them under the great Martin Short. After a lighting-fast ceremony, we walked around on the mysteriously quiet sidewalks surrounding the park and, once they were warmed up aka forgot about me, got some great stuff. We did the rest of the portraits on the second floor of the Players Club in their grand library room-- see below for the warmth of shelves and shelves of old books, red leather couches and some charming chandeliers.