Sneak Peek of Merry Lake's Magic House in the Marigny

There are so many things to be afraid of. It's so easy to sit still, in your rented room, in a new city and think: I'm close enough to the adventure, probably best to just stay put. It's especially easy to think this when you have a rad airbnb with an equally rad host and you're tired from traveling, shooting, eating way too much delicious food and walking. Merry Lake's Magic House was a haven in the Marigny district where I took naps, recharged (my phone, duh) and thumbed through books of incredible New Orleans interiors by Richard Sexton. There will be a proper post later, but for now, my favorite image:

Post from Paradise

New Orleans. I shot a wedding. Got lost in the bayou, encountered a wild boar, did not feed the gators, drank coffee, ate shrimp and grits, saw music, drank more coffee, ate beignets, stayed in a magic house, sought out a spiritual healer, bought some florida water and candles from her and had her tell me things I knew and did not know about myself. I drove myself to City Park and walked around with my mouth open at all these beautiful oaks: 

But, more on all of this later. Back to the airport, to the freezing rain, to that crabby town I call home.