New Year's Eve Wedding at Liberty Warehouse

New Year's Eve is always stressful. Plans never work out. Parties aren't that fun. People flake. But still- the promise of an epic night on the town to ring in a new year remains a strong pull for most of us excitement-loving New Yorkers. I have to say though, I didn't hesitate in jumping at the chance to cover Sara + Jim's classically wonderful New Year's Eve nuptials. Alright everything was mostly at night, which is tricky for us photographers. I managed to fanangle a first look before the sun went down and I think we were much better for it. The Liberty Warehouse is a cool venue in desperate need of a more flattering lighting design - I had to use my flash for the whole ceremony! But luckily this night was all about the dancing and its dance floor was illuminated by dozens of magical edison bulbs- see below for the evidence. 

Special thanks to the amazing Carey MacArthur for backing me up.

Nora + Gerard: Valentine's Day Elopement at Lafayette

With the holiday season upon us, I thought revisiting a wintery session from earlier this year was in order. Nora and Gerard were married last Valentine's Day in the back room of the classic NoHo restaurant Lafayette. The day was snowy and strange: New York on a Saturday cloaked in a tranquil white blanket made of fat white snowflakes. These two braved the weather for a quick, romantic walk in the oncoming blizzard before the small ceremony with their 9 closest family members in attendance. 

In a fit of inspiration and propelled by an impending deadline, I sent a few jpegs to the editors at New York Magazine to see if they'd consider it for their winter 2016 issue and despite all my doubts-- they ACCEPTED IT! Nora and Gerard's wedding is now featured among some of the sweetest events of the year in the album section of New York Weddings Winter 2016. It's never really anything personal- these kinds of achievements- I think Nora and Gerard had a sweet wedding, that was like a very swank New York affair in miniature. It's nice for everyone to see they have options besides a 100K blowout. These two met in Rwanda and circled the globe once or twice before they finally tied the knot- their families coming in from Cleveland and Ireland to celebrate somewhere in the middle. And I'm so glad they did!